Evaluation of the Planet Youth project

The WRDATF is commissioning an independent evaluation of the Planet Youth project and the work done to date. The 5-year project commenced in 2018 and we will be conducting the last of the three surveys this coming October.

The aim of this process evaluation is:
  • To ascertain how well the Planet Youth project is achieving its objectives, and to identify learnings for the future development of the project.
The objectives are to:
  • Evaluate the process of the implementation, development, delivery, and outputs of the Planet Youth project.
  • Record how Planet Youth data is being used by partner agencies in the region.
  • Examine the effectiveness of the regional and county committees as suitable governance and implementation structures for the Planet Youth project.
  • Examine the project’s outputs and identify any notable gaps.
  • Review the viability and future sustainability of the Planet Youth project as it nears the end of its five-year pilot phase and plans towards a phase two.
The invitation to tender is up on Active Link now and all the details are available to view at www.activelink.ie/node/92488