Stepping Up to secondary school – The recording of the webinar

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A webinar for parents that have children starting at secondary school after the summer.

Practical hints and tips and a discussion with our panel:

• Gina Dowd Adolescent Psychotherapist
• Helen Butler Youth Coach
• Niamh O’Flanagan School Chaplain


0:00 Welcome and introductions
02:30 Planet Youth – Parent’s Booklet – Step Up website
13:20 My child is anxious
20:10 How can I help my child get ready for school
24:50 Bullying
30:10 My son doesn’t like sport
32:36 Getting organised (Glitchy sound at the start)
42:50 Dyslexia and Neuro Diversity
48:33 Finding new friends
56:28 Mentoring and Pastoral Care
59:15 Autism
63:50 Communicating with your school
65:35 Last tips for parents
68:58 Wrapping up and resources