The importance of sleep for our national school children 2022

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A Planet Youth webinar for parents.

This is a webinar that was organised in response to what the data is telling us, in the Planet Youth surveys, about the poor sleep that our teenagers are getting, and the dramatic effect it is having on their lives. The Planet Youth primary prevention model, gives us, as parents together, the opportunity to address and prevent problems before they arise. Planet Youth in the West of Ireland has been doing quite a bit of work providing information for the parents of first-year children around the time that they start in secondary school.

This webinar and the Parent Power initiative, is the start of our efforts to introduce and strengthen parent networking in our national schools. Having good networks is a proven protective factor for children and makes life as a parent easier too.   If you’re a national school parent, keep an eye on the website for updates, or sign up to the mailing list on the website. In the meantime though, if you feel that you’d like to get involved more actively in Parent Power, as a parent, as a teacher, or as a national school, and you’re in the West of Ireland, just get in touch through the address. We hope you find the webinar useful, there is a lot of really good information.

Emmet Major’s presentation, in pdf format, can be viewed by clicking here.
Lucy Wolfe’s presentation, in pdf format, can be viewed by clicking here.