Survey Participants

4,339 15/16 year olds participated

91 out of 91 schools participated

Planet Youth is the local implementation, in Galway, Mayo and Roscommon, of the Icelandic Prevention Model
(IPM). The IPM is an evidence-based primary prevention model, developed by researchers, community workers
and policy makers in Iceland.

The model’s whole population approach offers an opportunity to improve outcomes for young people in many
areas of their lives. It works by isolating and directly targeting the risk and protective factors that determine their
substance use behaviours and enhancing the social environment they are growing up in. By developing targeted
interventions that seek to reduce the identified risk factors and strengthen the identified protective factors the
problems associated with adolescent substance use can be reduced or prevented before they arise.

Other health and life outcomes can be improved using the same preventative approach and utilising the Planet
Youth data.

The model is underpinned by the data derived from the administration of the Planet Youth survey.

This comprehensive lifestyle survey is administered to the 15-16 year olds in each target community and it
examines all aspects of their lives. There are questions on their substance use, physical health, mental health,
family life, school experience, screen use, wellbeing, peer behaviours, and many other categories. There are 92
questions in the current Planet Youth questionnaire and a total of 1,972 variables; all of which can be examined
and cross-tabulated.

The data returned from the survey is used to inform the development of suitable interventions in the community
that will help address the known risk and protective for young people and thus improve outcomes. In this pilot
phase of the project, there will be three initial Planet Youth surveys, conducted in 2018, 2020, and 2022.